Nathan Briggs
Ph.D. Candidate

University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences
Darling Marine Center
Walpole, ME 04573
Phone: 207-563-8328
In the lab since 2007

    2003, BA Biology, Williams College, MA
    2010, M.S. Oceanography, University of Maine, Orono, Maine

Research Interests
  • Phytoplankton community dynamics in the open ocean
  • Carbon transport
  • Bio-optical measurement and instruments
  • Autonomous Platforms

PDFs available through Google Scholar and Mendeley

Cetinic, I., Perry, M. J., Briggs, N. T., Kallin, E., D Asaro, E. a, & Lee, C. M. 2012. Particulate organic carbon and inherent optical properties during 2008 North Atlantic Bloom Experiment. Journal of Geophysical Research, 117. doi:10.1029/2011JC007771

Alkire, M.B., D'Asaro, E.A., Lee, C., Perry, M.J., Gray, A., Cetinic, I., Briggs, N., Rehm, E., Kallin, E., 2012. Estimates of net community production and export using high-resolution, Lagrangian measurements of O2, NO3-, and POC through the evolution of a spring diatom bloom in the North Atlantic. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers.

Briggs, N., Perry, M.J., Cetinic, I., Lee, C., D'Asaro, E., Gray, A.M., Rehm, E., 2011. High-resolution observations of aggregate flux during a sub-polar North Atlantic spring bloom. Deep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers 58 (10), 1031-1039.

Kenneth A. Schmidt, Lisa C. Nelis, Nathan Briggs, Richard S. Ostfeld (2005) Invasive shrubs and songbird nesting success: effects of climate variability and predator abundance. Ecological Applications: Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 258-265.


    The University of Maine